Platte Valley Mustangs Car Club Inc.
Constitution and By-Laws 

May 12, 2007 Amended By-laws  


  • Section 1: The name of the club is THE PLATTE VALLEY MUSTANGS CAR CLUB INC.
  • Section 2: The club colors are Red, White and Blue.


  • Section 1: To promote interest in the acquisition, restoration, preservation and recreational enjoyment of the Ford Mustang automobile.
  • Section 2: To create good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the club.
  • Section 3: To uphold the principals of good government in a manner befitting members of the PLATTE VALLEY MUSTANGS CAR CLUB INC., to encourage a better understanding of the Ford Mustang, and to encourage a better understanding of Ford Mustang ownership as a constructive hobby.
  • Section 4: To promote safety in driving, automobile maintenance and overall vehicle operation.


  • Section 1: There shall be one (1) type of membership:Active. "Active" member shall mean a current dues paying member. All membership applications will be reviewed at Club meetings for approval.
  • Section 2: Persons of good character, interested in the Ford Mustang are eligible for membership.  Members are encouraged to own a Ford Mustang of any year, make or model.  But, ownership is not a requirement - enthusiasm is.
  • Section 3: The membership reserves the right to expel any member whom is found to be detrimental to the welfare of the club.  A majority of the entire membership is required for expulsion.
  • Section 4: All members are encourage to maintain their vehicle in areas of safety and appearance to sustain their membership.

Article IV - DUES

  • Section 1: Dues will be $20.00 per year, per person, except the dues for each additional family member or significant other of a current member will be $10.00 per year, all of which dues will be due and payable on January 1st of each year.  During the year, dues will be prorated $1.67 per month. After July 1st, membership dues will include the months remaining during the current year, plus the next years membership dues.
  • Section 2: Members whose dues are late 1 month will automatically be suspended. Members whose dues are late 3 months will automatically be expelled.
  • Section 3: Any member recruiting the most new members during a year, will receive a free membership the following year.  In case of tie: a special committee will determine the winner.


  • Section 1: The President will preside over all meetings of the PLATTE VALLEY MUSTANGS CAR CLUB INC.,  act as exofficio member of all committees, issue the call for regular and special meetings, countersign club checks, schedule regular elections and be sure that they are carried out in accordance with the constitution.
  • Section 2: The Vice-President will perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President, carry out all directions of the President, countersign club check, be responsible for all club public relations, and responsible for the miscellaneous club items (ie., banners, t-shirts and jackets.)
  • Section 3: The Treasurer will collect dues and all other income of the club.  He or she will maintain the club accounting books, make payment from club funds when ordered, countersign club checks and make regular reports of the club's financial status to the club's members.
  • Section 4: The Secretary will be responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of meetings, maintaining membership records, give notice of all special meetings of the club and supervise all the clerical records of the club and countersign club checks.
  • Section 5: The Board of Directors shall assist the officers in managing the affairs of the corporation. 
  • Section 6: The number of Directors shall be four.  The number of Directors may be increased or decreased from time to time by amendment to these by-laws.  The individual Directors, may also change by amendment to these by-laws. 


  • Section 1: All nominations for any office and for director must be active member in good standing.
  • Section 2: All elected and appointed officers and directors must remain in good standing and active for the duration of their term in office. All officers and directors will be elected at a meeting prior to the beginning of the new term and will take office the first day of the new term. These officers and directors will hold office for twelve months or until their successors are duly elected and qualified.
  • Section 3: All officers and directors will have a term from January 1st to December 31st of each year.
  • Section 4: Nominating must be done at a regular meeting from the meeting floor.
  • Section 5: Election of Officers and directors will be decided by a majority vote of all active member present and in good standing.
  • Section 6: All voting will be by secret ballot unless otherwise ruled upon by the membership.


  • Section 1: Officers may be removed by the membership when and if the officer is deemed to be unsatisfactory in his/her position.
  • Section 2: A 75% majority of all active members is required to remove an officer from his/her office.
  • Section 3: Any officer removed from office is reduced to membership status. Expulsion from the club must be done through the procedures as stated in ARTICLE III, SECTION 3.


  • Section 1: The attendance of ten(10) active members in good standing constitutes a quorum.
  • Section 2: Regular membership meetings will be held 2nd Tuesday of each month at a place and time set forth by the officers.
  • Section 3: Special meetings can only be called by the President and or by majority the unanimous consent of 10 or more active members.
                       Section 3.1: All meetings at which meals are provided at club expense shall be scheduled and approved in advance by the majority of the members present and in good standing at the meeting.
  • Section 4: Parliamentary procedures, by-laws or constitution will be in effect at all meetings.
  • Section 5: The order of business for all meetings will be as follows:
                        A: Call to order
                        B: Roll Call
                        C: Introduction of visitors
                        D: Reading and approval of previous minutes
                        E: Reading of correspondence
                        F: Secretary Report
                        G: Treasurers Report
                        H: Announcements
                        I: Unfinished business
                        J: New Business
                        K: Adjournment


  • Section 1: Committees may be established or terminated by the President. Formation of these committees may be done by volunteer or by order of the President. 


  • Section 1: Delegations may be appointed by the President, but are subject to approval by the membership to represent the club at any convention, meeting or assembly that club presence is deemed necessary. Any and all delegations are authorized only the power to act as directed by the President.


  • Section 1: The club constitution and by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the active members present at any regular or special meeting of the membership, providing there is a quorum.
  • Section 2: Approved and accepted, the amendment takes effect immediately.


  • Section 1: Purpose: To provide a method by which the club may dispose of its assets should the club elect to cease its official operation and disband.
  • Section 2: The President shall appoint a committee of at least 5 members to be responsible for the actual liquidation of all club assets of the PLATTE VALLEY MUSTANG CAR CLUB INC.
  • Section 3: All club properties will be liquidated by either public or private sale.  All property will be sold for a fair and reasonable price. All revenue from these sales will be returned to the club treasury.
  • Section 4: All monies in the treasury will be disposed of by donation to a recognized charity or public organization.
  • Section 5: The completion of liquidation will be accomplished as soon as possible after formal disbandment.